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Justina Law profileDr. Justina Law, EdD, MEd, BA, BEd, CYT
Regional Director of Canada, Yoga Alliance International
Hi, I'm Justina (Yoga Mani)! I'm a passionate educator who has been practicing and teaching yoga and meditation for over 10 years. I've attended yoga and meditation intensive courses and workshops locally and internationally, and completed yoga teacher trainings around the world. First certified in Delhi, India, I specialise in hatha and restorative yoga, and align my instruction with specific client needs.

I love teaching, learning, exploring, and sharing. It's such a privilege to be able to inspire others to grow and deepen on a personal level. I'm a real adventure junkie. Having traveled every month for over a decade, to 118 countries, I've combined my passions - teaching, travel and yoga - to create unique OMbiance Yoga retreats that focus on personal growth and wellness. Each location is hand-picked to ensure that it is both secluded, yet safe, leaving you carefree, to relax, explore, and deeply connect with the environment.

I hold a Doctor of Education degree in Educational Leadership, Masters degrees in Educational Leadership and Educational Psychology, a B.A. in Psychology, Sociology and History, a B.Mgnt in Human Resources and IT, and a B.Ed in Social Studies Education. I currently work as a high school administrator, university professor, educational consultant, counselor, and certified yoga teacher.

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Client Love:

DSC07649pinI had a great time in all aspects of Justina Law's OMbiance Yoga Retreat December 27, 2015 - January 2, 2016 in Kosrae, FSM. Our accommodations and nutrition at Pacific Treelodge were lovely and authentic, our expeditions during the yoga-free afternoons were interesting and sometimes challenging, and our peers were wonderful people from distant places. The most important part of our yoga retreat, of course, was yoga! After a few days, I began to call Justina the “pretzel” because she could bend in every direction without  effort. Justina knows yoga and was expert in instructing and accommodating those of us who are not as advanced and as flexible as she. It was great. I’d do it again in a minute – any time-anywhere when I am not required to be at work. The retreat in Faroe Islands sounds absolutely heavenly! I would send in my deposit immediately if I were free at that time; unfortunately I am not. I will see you again Justina, as soon as a retreat fits into my work schedule!”
Pamela Perkins
Majuro, Marshall Islands

Had an amazing time doing yoga with Justina! She's an incredibly encouraging instructor and made the session a lot of fun with her humour and mindfulness practices. She did a great job of making me feel comfortable and relaxed, despite being a total beginner. To all other beginners and yoga enthusiasts, I'd definitely recommend this!! I had a really fun experience am definitely inclined to join future sessions.
Lucy Han
Calgary, Alberta

Tuesday evening means looking forward to challenge, delight, and magic. Justina is terrific; knowing just when to challenge and when to let the magic rule. I so enjoy our sessions. They are tailored for me and allow me to grow to a new place at my own pace with gentle nudging and humour. Thank you, Justina.
Susan Veenhoven
Calgary, Alberta

Justina continues to play a positive influence on my life. She is experienced, friendly and caring. She takes the time and energy to get to know me well enough to understand when to push my limits and when to respect them. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to expand their mind, body, or soul.
Jack Maksymenko
Calgary, Alberta

During her visit at San Andres Island, Colombia, Justina gave our yoga group free classes where she showed us new ways to explore yoga asana with routines well developed sharing great tips showing her experience and know how.
Her energy is bright and loving and made us have fun even though there was a degree of difficulty for many of us!

Christina Cuevas-Mohr
San Andres, Colombia

Since beginning my yoga journey with Justina and OMbiance Yoga, I feel a greater sense of physical ease along with an enhanced sense of inner calm. I have struggled with chronic pain for many years and I feel that with Justina's guidance and patience I have found that I have more coping skills and a much better quality of life. Justina is a great leader and her compassion, skill, and inner light allows her to develop a unique yoga experience each time, that is highly individual to both my physical and emotional needs! Overall, my experience with Justina and OMbiance Yoga is always delightful and allows me to feel relaxed and restored!!
Rebecka Wozniak
Calgary, Alberta

I was lucky enough to experience over a week of Yoga with Justina. She is a great teacher and gave me a lot of positive energy. looking forward for her to be back next Christmas Holidays.
Maria Grazia Fanelli Stephens
Kosrae, Micronesia

Justina is a competent yoga teacher. She is patient, diligent and conscientious about teaching yoga. She is able to tailor her classes to meet the needs of individual students. It is a pleasure to work with her.
Earl Jansen M.A.(Hons.), M.Ed.
Calgary, Alberta

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