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Retreats are truly magical and powerful. It is such a privilege to lead them ~ Justina, OMbiance Yoga

I love teaching, learning, exploring, and sharing. It's such a privilege to be able to inspire others to grow and deepen on a personal level. Having traveled every month for over a decade, to 106 countries (and counting!), I've combined my three loves - teaching, travel and yoga - to create unique OMbiance Yoga retreats that focus on personal growth and wellness. Each location is hand-picked to ensure that it is both secluded, yet safe, leaving you carefree, to relax, explore, and deeply connect with the environment. Come explore with me!

Brand new to yoga? Not sure if a retreat is for you? A yoga retreat is a fantastic way to explore and deepen your yoga practice, even if you've never stepped on a mat before. With more time to learn each pose safely, and hands-on personal assistance, you can grow in your practice, no matter your yoga experience level.


OMbiance Yoga Christmas & New Year's Retreat in Micronesia
Pacific Treelodge - Kosrae, Micronesia
Saturday, December 25, 2021 to Saturday, January 1, 2022
Instructor: Dr. Justina Law

Love notes from retreat participants:

"Being my first yoga retreat, I was definitely nervous about venturing off to the other side of the planet and putting my comfort, safety, entertainment and logistical concerns on the shoulders of the OMbiance team. From the very onset, Justina's professionalism, friendly demeanor, ability to work under pressure and dedication to her craft quickly replaced my concerns with absolute confidence that everything was going to be stellar. I couldn't have been more right! The location was unlike anything I've ever seen - couldn't have imagined a more perfectly serene, beautiful and exotic destination to work on the 'self'. Her years of travelling experience have given her a real knack for choosing brilliant retreat locations. Even in the face of adversity, (not Justina's fault) she managed to quickly resolve the issue and keep everything flowing smoothly - exactly what one wants in a retreat operator. The accommodations themselves, although not overly luxurious were a perfect fit for the organic theme of the excursion. The staff were all very friendly and the food, although simple, was fresh, delicious and packed the energy our group needed to get us through the list of activities OMbiance had prearranged for us. The guided jungle tour up one of the island's highest peaks and scuba diving trips were without a doubt the highlights for me, other than the yoga itself, of course. Her ability to transform herself from a multi-tasking logistics co-ordinator to achieving a Zen-like calm when it was time to hit the mat is noteworthy as well! She had alot on her plate that week and passed with flying colours in all respects but her abilities really came to light when she rang her session bell. She has a very clear, indepth understanding of her craft and inspires you to dig a little deeper within yourself each time. I found the meditation and visionboarding exercises insightful and I felt that both the new and experienced practitioners derived great benefits from the vibrant yet soothing energy that flowed throughout all the classes. Much thanks for one of the ost spiritually nourishing experiences of my life! Looking forward to attending your next great adventure." ~ Jake Beczala

"Retreat was amazing - wish I lived closer! I'm definitely a yoga novice, but I knew Justina and decided that a yoga retreat would be a great way to spend my vacation time -- and that was a great decision. Justina is a fantastic teacher. She combines explaining poses with demonstrating and providing adjustments as needed. It really felt like she let me progress at my own pace, but still challenged me to work harder (I felt the workouts afterward, but enjoyed them while doing them!) I wish I lived closer, I'd be seeking out Justina for ongoing instruction!" ~ Jon Lane

"As a Yogi and traveler, I have never been so impressed with the location. Remote, untouched, serene. I couldn't wait to be meditating on this pearl of a rock. You choose well. Count me in! " ~ Munish Lal

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